Client Comments

The first time I met MaryBeth, we clicked; I could tell she was going to be a great person to work with on my search for land in the Santa Cruz mountains. MaryBeth knows the area extremely well so she was able to provide great advice on every property I inquired about, and has a network of connections to gather additional info. MaryBeth's knowledge of the details and history of a large number of parcels greatly aided my investigations of each property I pursued; this reduced the amount of time I needed to spend investigating a property and gave me a leg up on other potential buyers who had to work a lot harder and were not able to react as quickly or as well informed. I'm extremely happy with the property MaryBeth represented me in purchasing.

Regards, Curtis

Dear Debbie and MaryBeth,

I wanted to take the time to write you a letter and thank you for the expertise and care you put into our first real estate purchase. My wife and I had no knowledge of what it took to buy a house and after the first couple of times I talked to you I felt like I had completed a real estate class. With our limited down payment I know it was a challenge to represent us; however, you did so and did it with such care and attention to detail it really made the difference getting the property we wanted .You did so by coaching us during the bidding process with your lifetime of experience. I would say to anybody considering their first purchase, or ANY real estate endeavor, Donner Land & Homes, Inc. is going to bring you a depth of local knowledge and the persistence to get you the property you want.

Dave and Lisa McGuire

MaryBeth you are the best realtor we have ever worked with. Not only were you very informative on specific properties, but you also would quickly research any questions or clarifications we needed. Your familiarity with the Santa Cruz mountains is unparalleled. You are able to read your clients very well and use that talent to properly locate them into a property best suited for them. In our case, you were able to find a property that was perfect for us before anyone else had even heard of the listing. You were always available day or night, taking great pride in your job. We could never recommend a better real estate agent.
For any potential client reading this, MaryBeth can find you and/or your family exactly what you desire. Lastly, not only is MaryBeth knowledgeable and professional but her smiling face and positive outlook make it a joy to work with her.

Thank you MaryBeth! We couldn't be happier!

Chris and Robin Augustino

Dear Debbie and MaryBeth,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for getting our land escrow closed. This escrow had just about every facet money, land loan, bank loan, buyer's in state, buyer's out of state, WOW what a handful. That being said you both had the stay power of champions, and MaryBeth you took the gold. This was a very difficult transaction to close and it took a long time but you never let the buyer's lose the love for our property and Debbie you kept us seller's in the loop at all times. Now we are going to have new neighbors and we will be so happy to get to know them better. We are already becoming good friends and we can't wait until they live next door full time. Thank you both again, you are very appreciated.

David and Wendy Peterson

MaryBeth Sundram is a rare and wonderful talent - highly skilled; deeply genuine, and a sheer pleasure to work with. Her spot-on combo of skills including an eagle eye for the local market and a profound knowledge of everything-the-homebuyer/builder-needs-to-know found us the home of our dreams and the best deals in town from beginning to end.

Rachel and Paul Ralston

Mary Beth provided the best and most professional services anyone could want. Always willing to meet and show properties at our convenience. Her knowledge of local 'goings on' and of the neighborhoods and local geography was invaluable in our search for the 'perfect' property. One can't go wrong when choosing Mary Beth as their Realtor in Santa Cruz County.

Mike Kaplan, Capitola CA

Hi Debbie and Marybeth,

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your team. You have the uncanny ability of being able to find the right property for the right people. As you know every property in the Santa Cruz mountains has its own personality. You seem to be able to align with property with the right owner.

I have purchase multiple properties from your team and I could not be happier. Your process was pain free and your patience and flexibly were exceptional. I have purchased other properties and it can be a nightmare. You waded through all the muck and made it an easy transaction.

I would recommend your team to anyone interested in purchasing a place in the Santa Cruz mountains. Thanks for all your support and putting up with me. Sincerely,

Joseph Siecinski
Joski International Enterprise
Director of Operations

We have worked with both Debbie and MaryBeth for three land and property real estate transactions. We have been so happy with each transaction. No one knows ins and outs of land transactions like Donner Land. They help you every step of the way through either selling or buying property and give you the confidence to reach for your dreams. The personable attention you receive makes the process very smooth and the results have been outstanding, in any sort of market. We can't recommend Donner Land enough. I'm already dreaming of the next piece of land they will help me find.

Shannon and Kevin Greene
Los Gatos, California

Over the years I have had the pleasure of doing excavation work with Debbie, Marvin, and Marybeth on many occasions. We've faced landslides, septic problems, washed out bridges, drainage issues, properties that had no access or useable driveway and more. I have always found them all to be cheerful, attentive, and there when ever I had questions. There was never a doubt that they would come through with what ever was needed to get the job done right for the customer. I have seen a hand full of properties with difficult to solve issues that other realtors had no idea how to deal with. Once Debbie took control on these everything was smoothly handled and the properties sold in very little time. She often seems to have that special needle in a haystack property that is a once in a lifetime find. If a difficult to find location and exotic serine landscape is just what your dreaming of, it seems to be at Debbie's doorstep more often than not. I have seen her work for many years in my area and know and live near over a dozen of her satisfied customers. I'm always very proud to work with her and she is the first one I recommend to anyone searching for their dream property in the bay area. If she's not the best, I don't know who is!

Chris Stille
Landowner, Los Gatos

Deciding to make the move to California, I couldn't have gotten in touch with a better real estate agent! MaryBeth has been wonderful, and continues to help me with my transition. I admire the fact she's very much in touch with the locals of the area, and utilizes their services, thus introducing me to many wonderful contacts and resources. Even after my purchase, she continues to go above and beyond to help me get settled to this beautiful area of the country. I highly recommend MaryBeth with either your purchase or sale. You will not be disappointed.

Carolyn Alder, Felton Ca

I happened to call MaryBeth Sundram and within moments of speaking with her on the phone, I knew that I had found a real person with real answers. She told me the truth about raw land and showed me a wide variety of properties. She did everything in her power to educate me on the process.

She took my family and me out on weekdays and weekends to show us the good, the bad, and not so hot. She took extra time out of her days to show us what there is for what in an effort to help us understand why different properties are better than others. It is hard to express what a deep sense of gratitude I feel to have found someone who is so reliable, reachable, honest, and cheerful to answer my never-ending stream of questions.

I now stand in the middle of the land market an educated buyer, looking for a dream. I feel so incredibly blessed to have MaryBeth by my family's side on this amazing journey. I would recommend MaryBeth to anyone I truly care about.

- Laura & the entire Remington Family, Ben Lomond Ca

Dear MaryBeth,

FireHawk and I just wanted to thank you for your help in the sale of our land. I know it wasn't the easiest sale. I imagine each one has its challenges.

With Gratitude, Pele and Firehawk

Thank you so much for your capable assistance and attention in the purchase of my parcel. I'm delighted with the place, but also with the confidence you showed in taking me through the difficult steps of my first real estate purchase. The process was actually much easier and less painful than I expected. I really appreciate the special experience you bring to the process, your local knowledge and your personable approach to research, dealing with people and your care. You even brought lunch to our meeting one day! Thanks for that, and for all your wisdom and consideration during escrow. And thank you for following up with additional resources; as I move forward with construction, I'll appreciate that even more. Friends are asking me about other parcels that are available. I'll send them your way!


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marybeth in selling my home. She was highly professional, and most importantly, communicative in all phases of the transaction. She made it all incredibly easy. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again.

Matthew J Moon

It's been a two year process to finally find my dream property and I could not have done it without you. You sold my condo in record time and made this property transaction go as smooth as possible it's been a pleasure working with you! You are always welcome to visit and I hope you do often.

Truly a heartfelt thanks to you, you're the best!

Craig Rosenberg

I really appreciate all of the hard work you put in towards our dream!

Tony Donnaruma, Corralitos Ca

Our experience working with you was phenominal. I always felt like I had a friend on my side, covering all the bases and looking out for my best interest, whether it was in your interest or not. It is a rare and beautiful thing to have found a perosn so authentic and genuine in any line of work. For perhaps the largest purchase of my life, I felt secure and confident having you stand beside me. Thank you for dedication, honesty, and knowledge. You wil be the first person I call, or recommend, for any future real estate dealing!

Michelle Kuntzmann

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the exemplary manner with which you represented us during our recent home purchase.

As you know, this real estate transaction was a challenge from the start. Entering late in the game, with multiple offers already on the table, you seized control of the sale with utmost urgency, professionalism, and creativity.

Throughout the ensuing escrow, there were many obstacles in our path.
With each twist and turn along the way, you assumed the role of an optimistic and persevering partner and advocate, offering intuitive, empathic understanding, creative solutions, savvy advice, and efficient follow-through – always holding fast to our goals and dreams as though they were your own. Never once did you give up, let us down or compromise your professionalism in any way.

When this house came on the market, we were offered a wonderful opportunity, and
we seized it with all our heart and strength. But no matter how much we wanted it, we could never have made our dream come true without your help and expertise. Thank you ever so much for your outstanding service and significant contribution to our new life together.

It goes without saying that we will heartily recommend you to friends and neighbors in our community in the future.

Frank and Loretta Gunner IV

Thanks for an enjoyable and informative afternoon of backwoods trekking.
Appreciated your good heart as well as all the time you gave.

Ajahn Chandako

My family went looking for recreational property in the Santa Cruz mountains and enjoyed a tremendous stroke of good fortune when we found MaryBeth Sundram. She proved extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of land acquisition and ownership in this remarkably beautiful part of California. MaryBeth continues to be an invaluable resource long after the sale closing. Send an email to jr@ratwerks. com and I'll be happy to tell you more.

Jim Robinson & Family

Thanks again for such an enjoyable buying experience. I am truly thankful for all the hard work you put into finding me the property of my dreams. I have been extremely pleased with the purchase and I can't wait until the day I can move out there completely. I've been doing a little work on the property each weekend and I enjoy it even more every time I visit!

Thanks again for all your help.

Brent Ramsby

It has always been my dream to buy land and build a home for my children, MaryBeth made that dream a reality. She made a potentially daunting and lengthy process extremely simple and quick. She thought of many aspects that hadn't occurred to me and her attention to detail made this work out for us better than I had expected. The frosting on the cake, however, was her personal touch. The warmth and care that she brought into this transaction has earned me more than the chance to realize my dream, it has earned me a new friend as well.

Robbi Reynolds, Boulder Creek Ca

MaryBeth: I wanted to drop you a note and again Thank You for all the help in finding me the house I bought in Boulder Creek.

Very quickly you were able to figure out what my tastes were like, and because of this, every house you showed me was interesting. Your knowledge of the area was invaluable as you were able to show me areas that you knew I would like, and keep me away from areas you knew I would shy away from. It was a long process, but your experience helped immensely.

Now that I am living here, your local expertise continues to be a great benefit since you have been able to help me get situated to my neighborhood!

Working with you was very enjoyable and I have already suggested to two people that they contact you for their real estate needs.

Thank You very Much!

William R. Jones

MaryBeth goes out of her way to accommodate her client. She does not shy away from tough negotiating points. She has boundless energy, throws herself into her work, and asserts herself to obtain the best deal possible for her client. MaryBeth even briefly left a dinner party she was hosting to let me in the house to show my family. And, if that is not enough, she has a sunny disposition - always positive and upbeat!

Shirley Hendrickson

We both very much appreciated your thoughtful and dedicated work. You were incredibly efficient and helpful throughout the whole process! You have helped to make our first home buying experience an enjoyable and successful experience. Thank you for shopping around for the septic tank. We know you dealt with a few surprises along the way. Best wishes and much thanks.

Kiva and Melisa

It was really great working with you on Frank and Loretta's home purchase. Thank you so much for all your help. If we can ever be of assistance, pleae give us a call. We'd love to work with you again.

Stephanie Woodward
Woodward O'Conner Mortgage Associates

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help selling the land on Doeg Road. The sale of this piece of property was complicated by a number of things: red tag on the property, estate sale, second loans. I also had never participated in a real estate sale, but you were so patient with me. You explained everything, and when roadblocks came up, you took a deep breath, then gladly helped me and the title company resolve them.

You are extremely professional, kind, straightforward and friendly. I really appreciate how you helped me through this sale, difficult both emotionally and logistically. I look forward to more transactions with you in the future!

Corey Jaseph
Boulder Creek, CA

MaryBeth operates with a level of tenacity and integrity that I rarely see in Realtors, and I would highly recommend her to represent any buyer or seller.

Armand "Pete" Petri
Santa Cruz, CA

MaryBeth, your knowledge and insight of the Santa Cruz market are fabulous and give your buyers a strategic advantage! Thank you.

Jennifer Parks

Thank you so much for all that information. It really helps us to leave for the holiday with peace of mind, knowing that all this has been taken care of or is in the process. Your really are the best. You are a model realtor. WOW!!!

Crystal Talamantes