About Our Team at Donner Land & Homes

We deliver excellence and customer satisfaction by providing sincere care, faithful advocacy, honest information with "pro's" and "con's", and meaningful assistance in overcoming the hurdles in the sometimes complicated journey of buying and selling property.

MaryBeth McLaughlin, Realtor®
I was introduced to real estate when I began my own search for property over a decade ago. I was quickly introduced to the complex process of navigating our local building requirements. As I continued to buy, develop and sell my own properties, my knowledge base deepened and I became passionate about real estate — so much so that I joined forces with Donner Land & Homes, Inc. where I am able to utilize my skills to help others.

Deborah J. Donner, Broker
Deborah obtained her Real Estate Broker's License at a young age. While still in her 20's, she moved to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the mountain lifestyle and the beauty of the area. After achieving success in a high producing and fast paced real estate office in the Tahoe area, Debbie decided to branch out on her own and set up shop in a prestigious neighborhood and over the next 6 years, built a reputation for excellence. In 1986, the desire to raise her daughter in an equally pristine environment, complimented by the charm of a small community, brought Debbie to the Coastal Mountains. It was there that she married the love of her life, Marvin Hinshaw. Together, they bring valuable experience and teamwork to selling land and homes.

Rachel Falk, Realtor®

A country girl raised in the city from teen hood, I knew I had to find my way back home. After decades of art and technology, city homes and production deadlines, my family and I set out to find a mountain property. With MaryBeth’s skillful guidance, courage in our hearts, and a fun and steep learning curve regarding land purchase and development, we made our move. My active interest in real estate did not go unnoticed and I soon joined this heartfelt and vibrant professional team.